Parent-Student Handbook 2013-2014
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School Calendar

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  • April 24
    • 7:30am: Fr. Prays w/Annex Staff
    • 10:00am: DAYOSA / Gym
    • 1:00pm: Talent Show / Parish Hall
  • April 25
    • Battle of Flowers Parade Holiday / No School
  • April 28
    • B-Day
    • Tiger Tales / Jean Spirit
  • April 29
    • A-Day
    • 7:30am: Fr. Prays w/Primary Staff
  • April 30
    • B-Day
  • May 1
    • A-Day
    • Tuition & ASC DUE
    • ACRE Test - 5th & 8th
    • 7:30am: Fr. Prays w/Annex Staff


Tiger Tales

demo Check back every week for the current Tiger Tales newsletter.



School Council

Serving both school and community

Being a parish school, St. Peter Prince of Apostles School benefits from a close relationship with the St. Peter Prince of Apostles Church. The School Council is comprised of elected parents and community members, who work together with the Principal and Pastor, to achieve operational, academic and financial goals for St. Peter’s School. The Principal seeks advice from the Council on matters relating to school governance, requirements and regulations, fundraising opportunities, maintenance and grounds, and most of all student life initiatives.

Call 210-824-3171 for more information.

2013-2014 School Council Members

John Ed Stepan- President

Dr. Mirasol Garcia-Hodge- Vice President

Monica N. Ramirez- Secretary


Michele Autenrieth Brown- Committee Chair, Development

Lorenzo Cano- Committe Chair, Student Life

Bruce Eichman

Michael Hendricks

Michele Hendrix

Lisa McNary

Delia G. Meyer

Michael Valdes


Fr. Eddy Morales- Pastor

Kirsch Wilberg- Interim Principal

Becky Finley- Business Manager


Board Minutes:

Please note that board minutes are captured at each meeting. However, minutes are approved at the following meeting. As a result, the board minutes posted are one month behind. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the school office.

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