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Parent-Student Handbook 2013-2014
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School Calendar

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  • April 18
    • Good Friday
    • Holiday / No School
  • April 20
    • Easter Sunday
  • April 21
    • Inclement Weather Make-Up Day
    • Tiger Tales / Jean Spirit
  • April 22
    • B-Day
    • 7:30am: Fr. Prays w/Primary Staff
  • April 23
    • A-Day
    • 6:30pm: School Council Mtg. / Annex Library
  • April 24
    • 7:30am: Fr. Prays w/Annex Staff
    • 10:00am: DAYOSA / Gym
    • 1:00pm: Talent Show / Parish Hall


Tiger Tales

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About SPS

One of San Antonio’s best kept secrets

Founded in 1926, St. Peter Prince of the Apostles School started out as a small school built and taught by the Sisters of the Incarnate Word. With almost a century under its belt, St. Peter’s has consistently kept true to its philosophy of developing students with big hearts and strong minds in the San Antonio community. One of the city’s best kept secrets, St. Peter’s is not only a two-time Blue Ribbon School of Excellence awardee, but also a part of the prestigious University of the Incarnate Word Brainpower Connection.

Classes with low student-teacher ratios, taught by experienced professionals are integral to St. Peter’s adherence to high-quality academic standards. One of the few, St. Peter’s also offers a distinguished fine arts program. Health and wellness is also vital to the development of the total child, and St. Peter’s adopted the Healthy Schools Initiative to promote healthier food choices available to students on campus.

St. Peter’s way of life embraces students from different cultures and diverse backgrounds. The student body is comprised of students residing in almost 70 ZIP codes in the metro San Antonio area. And, a significant percentage of the student population is made up of various ethnicities who speak at least one other international language aside from English.


Humble beginnings produce a notable, leading educational institution

Starting out as a small school founded by the Sisters of the Incarnate Word in 1926, located off Broadway in Alamo Heights, St. Peter Prince of the Apostles School has grown into a well-regarded educational institution in the metro San Antonio area. Nationally, St. Peter’s has been recognized through the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence program twice, in 1996 and 2005, a feat that sets it above the rest.


Excellence in education within a community of faith

St. Peter Prince of the Apostles School firmly believes that students need both a strong academic education and a well-grounded faith foundation to achieve success in life. Giving back to the Community is also a necessary factory in experiencing and living out a Catholic education. St. Peter’s students have both big hearts and strong minds. The total development of each child is essential to fulfilling St. Peter’s mission: Excellence in education within a community of faith. With close alignment to its parish (insert link to parish website), the students interact not only with each other, but with other members of the St. Peter’s Community.

St. Peter’s fosters an educational environment that marvels at the gifts that each child has received. And, healthy spiritual development goes hand-in-hand with learning academic courses and attaining academic goals. St. Peter Prince of the Apostles School graduates are well-equipped to face the challenges that high school brings, be they in the classroom or in the world around them. Each child’s potential is harnessed through classroom instruction and encouraged through social interaction. At the very foundation of all the learning are the Catholic values that each student develops while learning academic skills necessary to move forward and succeed in life.





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